A full-stack digital marketing Agency

Chingon Digital is a hispanic owned and operated digital marketing agency. we offer digital marketing services to business looking to expand into the spanish speaking market.

We are inspired by the obstacles hispanic business owners face when attempting to grow their business, and we are passionate about helping them reach their goals. Our team of experts offers a wide range of services, including website design and development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing.

We understand the needs of hispanic businesses and are committed to providing quality services that meet those needs.

what makes us different

the codes we live by

creativity & Innovation

We are creative and innovative, and use the latest tools and technologies to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. 

integrity & trust

By providing constant communication and proven solutions, we make sure our clients always have the information they need to make the best decisions for their businesses.

brand-first Approach

Our brand-first approach means always creating content that is in line with your brand’s voice and messaging.

digital love

Our passion for digital drives us, and you will feel it. We thrive on the technical aspects, relationships, and our clients.

going the extra mile

Our philosophy is to provide excellent service and results to our clients, which is why we have such a positive reputation in the industry.


We help you create successful projects by working closely with you to find perfect solutions for your needs.


Mi Chingon

02/13/61 - 05/4/21

get to know us

Los Chingones

Manuel Aguirre

Founder & CEO

Mayra Aguirre

Director of Marketing Services

Savannah Aguirre

Graphic Designer